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Student Voices

Shusuke Ikeuchi
Shusuke Ikeuchi
Travel Agent

"Vocabulary is most important, especially for beginners. WordEngine lets me set my own goals and see my progress. Plus the study games are fun."

Kanako Mine
Kanako Mine
University Student

"When I took the TOEIC before, I always ran out of time. Thanks to WordEngine, I finished the whole test and got my best score ever - 645. Thank you!!"

Takahiro Kaneko
Takahiro Kaneko
System Engineer

"I wanted to study English but I'm always busy and I wasn't sure how to begin. WordEngine only takes a few minutes each time. That's a big advantage for me."

Yuri Nohora
Yuri Nohora
University Student

"I studied a ton of words in high school but I soon forgot them. WordEngine repeats words in a special pattern and that definitely helps me remember what I learn."

Teacher Comments

Scott Menking
Scott Menking
University Professor

"WordEngine really does help my students achieve better scores and gain more confidence. Thank you for making this great product."

Yukari Nakatsuji
Yukari Nakatsuji
DGM, Globe Trotter Study Abroad

"We give WordEngine to our study abroad customers as a free incentive. It works really well and it's easy to use. I hope everyone takes full advantage of it."

Edward Smyth
Edward Smyth
CEO, Enterprise Training

"We provide English training to companies and all our students use WordEngine. We choose WordEngine because it employs proven methods that get fast results. The progress reports let us show HR managers how fast the student are learning."

About the Creators

Guy Cihi
Guy Cihi
CEO, Lexxica R&D

Award winning Industrial Designer and Harvard Business School graduate. Creator of Disney’s World of English and co-founder of the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Charles Brown
Charles Brown, EdD
Doctor of Education, University Professor

Professor of Applied Linguistics and Director of EFL Teacher Education at Meiji Gakuin University. Expert in CALL, vocabulary, and reading. Official consultant to Japan's Ministry of Education.

Brent Culligan
Brent Culligan, PhD
Researcher, University Professor

Instructor and curriculum developer at Aoyama Gakuin JC. Master and PhD in TESOL. Expert in vocabulary, corpus linguistics, and Item Response Theory.

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Spoken Expressions

Daily Conversation
Internal Meetings
Business Negotiations
Phonetic Discernment

Specific Terms

Critical Thinking
English Composition
General Psychology

How it works

Patented lexical science

Spaced repetition process

Patented lexical science

Patened lexical science

WordEngine begins with V-Check, a 10-minute vocabulary test that accurately identifies all of the words you know, and all of the words you do not know. Next, WordEngine will skip over the words you know so you can stay focused on learning just the important words you need to increase comprehension fast. University research with TOEIC and TOEFL tests has shown this approach quickly produces higher average test scores.

Spaced repetition process

spaced repetition protocol

WordEngine incorporates a spaced repetition process to help you develop long-term memory retention. The words you study will repeat at least six times over increasing time intervals. It may seem a bit repetitive at times, but it is essential that you review your words before they are forgotten.

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